Let an experienced family law attorney help you and your loved ones find the best outcome during difficult times.

Emotions are amplified when family is involved with legal situations. It can cloud our judgement and be a difficult time. Caffey, Johnson & Ingels attorneys have experience in all manners of family law, including, divorce, child custody and protection from abuse. Someone from our team will help you navigate through this difficult time to find your best solution. Learn more about our team of family law attorneys.

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support (Modification)
  • Property Settlement
  • Annulments
  • Child In Need Of Care (CINC)
  • Post Divorce Issues
  • Protection from Abuse (PFA)
  • Protection from Stalking (PFS)


Divorce can be emotional and judgment-clouding. Choosing to dissolve a marriage is never an easy decision and it grows more complex when a couple has substantial assets or debts to divide or if children are involved. CJI is an experienced family law attorney who guides couples through the difficult process of divorce while ensuring their legal rights are protected. In the midst of divorce it’s easy to let emotional stress affect decision-making, but CJI will help clear that confusion and avoid unhealthy conflict.

Finding your best solution

At CJI, we are experienced in all aspects of divorce litigation from filing to mediation and trial. We strive to assist our clients to resolve the terms of their divorce in the most cost effective and civil way possible, encouraging mediation over trial. However, in some cases, trials cannot be avoided, and we do not shy away from vehemently protecting our client’s rights in the courtroom.

As part of the divorce process, we can assist with:

  • Separating property and debts
  • Establishing child and spousal support obligations
  • Creating a custody plan and parenting arrangement
  • Obtaining restraining orders in domestic violence situations
  • Restoring a maiden name

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